Duo Duo

When I have to move, I find how reluctant. Nostalgia but hate invariable.

Duo Duo, an intern video editor, works in a pub at night. From Liaoyuan, Jilin province. Lives in a Hutong near Beijing’s Drum Tower. She has just moved because her old rented house needs to reinforce.



Amber, a book editor. From Ziyang, Sichuan province. Lives in Xidan, Beijing, near the press.


Love is the icing on the cake.

April, a freelance photographer, has set her own studio. From Wulumuqi, Xinjiang province. Live in an apartment near Beijing’s Happy Valley.


Recently, I’m lack of sleep and lack of money.

Ke, a Creative Director of an advertising agency. From Changsha, Hunan province. Lives in Jiugong Town, Beijing. A family of six, has a puppy.

Hua Sheng


Huasheng, An internet operator from Tongchuan, Sichuan province, lives in one of the three bedrooms.