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I was proud to say that I had never photographed anything but natural light. Later, when I was shooting portraits in the studio, I found the flashlight and the accessories to be very convenient tools. I try to use the flash mix with the natural light outside, but it’s not easy, my attempt was not a success. And I was never a big fan of portrait photography, so I gradually forgot about flash.

One day, I saw a documentary about Bruce Gilden. His photos had a powerful impact and left a deep impression on me. I suddenly realized that I had not been fully understanding of the flash. So I tried to use flash to take the documentary project, it has gradually become my usual shooting method. Gradually, I found the flash has these advantages:

  1. I used flash to simulate the effect of natural light, which is in a very limited way, I do not have to hide the facts of the flash;
  2. Flash is not necessarily an auxiliary light outside but also can be a primary light;
  3. Flash can make a strong texture, which makes the photo more real;
  4. When the flash intensity is higher than the ambient light, it can dim the environment, hide the debris and highlight the main subject;
  5. Flash can not only make lights and shadows but also can enhance light intensity, and it creates conditions for Hyperfocal Distance;
  6. The flash only exists in a short moment, and it is better to freeze moving object than a high-speed shutter;
  7. The fifth and sixth points create the possibility of rapid shooting, so it makes you can photograph any moment you want.

I have to say I really like taking pictures with flash. It’s really convenient. But I also know that convenient technology is traps and the flash should only be used when they are needed.




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